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Antimony. — Symptoms. — Similar to those occasioned by acids, with

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month in the individual towns for the epoch 1870-1910 are shown and

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with a compound fracture of the riglit olecranon process of the

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round ligament large and vascular ; vagina healthy.

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Sni'i ■vii,^ 1 had gone to King's College, Abcidccn, where Dr James

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percussion is increased over a still greater extent,

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The remedy for this condition is simple and lies with the

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examination were made into the history of each town, many important facts

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Symptoms and Appearances. — The strong solution of ammonia produces

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and is served swimming in gravy and onions. A salad,

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be neither general nor local reaction. After the injection the patient

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surgeon. It is proposed to change the insignia of the

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the uterus was so clearly defined that its importance

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diet differs from that of the people in Spartan Mills by approaching

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the nervous system. The case came near being an argument for the

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locally. Nor is it necessary to employ it otherwise

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Two days ago he was given fifteen grains of calomel, with the

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Dr. Flint, of Louisville, who was present, remarked that he had

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ceptible. Instruments have been devised for the purpose of piercing the

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passes between the third and fourth lumbar vertebrae. Select a point midway be-

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urine was 2160 c.c, specific gravity 1.015, a moderate amount of albumin, at times

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To enumerate all these laws of propagation, would here be

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case reported in the first edition of this book. It must be remem-

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asserted with all the emphasis of which he was capable

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lies at the base of the tongue, is irregular and flat, with

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