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Fig. 20. — Tuberculosis of the epiploon. R, spleen.
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The out-patient department on the left is very limited in extent. The
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In the third edition of my practical essay On the Use of the A'itrate of
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etc., occluding the Left Bronchus, and converting the Left Lung into a
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could be traced, infection from man appeared indicated. The animals
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the part of a ferment. It would be sufficiently mischievous if this
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materials are cast out of the circulation. During the process of excre-
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nunjerous other sanatoria or convalescent homes at the sea-side have
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is not at first recognisable. The spine and acromion are indistinct, and
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I believe, as absolutely certain of success as any proceeding can be. I
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Bruce, Chief Inspector of Stock for New South Wales. — We notice
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Thirty-two fowls were inoculated with tuberculous material derived
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had extended to the liver and spleen, but careful examination was
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ing One Horse, a Pair, Four-ln-hand, or Tandem, etc
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"And next day the body loaded with the results of the debauch, makes
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Dear Doctor — As I have now been wearing your Suspender and Shoulder
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and hissing ; sometimes it is rough, grating, or musical. I may add
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escape ; secondly, in giving accurate information as to the amount of
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Anatomical Changes.— The tissues surrounding the left fetlock-joint
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Representatives in the General Council. — The following were elected :
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Cases 3, 17, and 21 refer to .birds which belonged to tuberculous
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vated, and may be supplemented by respiratory and gastric troubles
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legs. A deep bed of straw having been spread around it, the patient
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called hygienic treatment of disease — the study and regulation of the
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tion in Surgery on May 3rd last, having since obtained a Licence in Medicine
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17 per cent., whilst in control animals the mortality was 55 per cent.
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side, and had some numbness of the left arm. The leg was much
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154. A ten-year-old mare with quittor of the near fore-foot, left in
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from necessity. The starting point of M. Sarcey's thesis is a definition
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solely a relative one, and is based on the conviction that Dr. Duncan had the first
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grown ; partly because my interest was not in it, partly
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Medical Reform Act of 1858" was, in a great measure, due to the efforts

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