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From the date of his Rectorship of the University of Leyden, 17 14,
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1898, 4G-t9.— Bayar«l (W.) Medical evideni'e behue the
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alad angulation, were measured both separately and in
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The conclusions drawn by the registrars may be summed
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and after the occurrence of perspiration, in the majority of cases im-
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blood films by heat, and also specimens of blood films so fixed and
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volume before us to a very unreasonable length. The subject is considered
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it, take of betony the wort four drachms by weight,
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the Academy of ]\Ie<licine held April Gtli, the report
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Mr. McCaethy exhibited a child, the subject of a Peciiliar
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the principal factors in the formation and dislodgment of thrombi,
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Dr. L. B. Tuckebman, of Ohio : It seems to me that the present
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to be insufficient to warrant the establishment of paratyphoid fever as an indepen-
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action by light on the smallpox infection itself, and death
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but now found to be more or less amenable to the new
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remove when the time comes. I do not consider it a surgical procedure,
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or connexions. But the physical truths which experience
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ciable amount of it could be removed from the system by
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fect instruments. This he proves in two ways — by obtaining cultivations
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an innammaiion of the liiramentous structures; scrofula, of the
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are necessary, for the patient must make friends with his malady
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Widerhofer's 130 stenotic cases treated with serum, 22 (16.9 per
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obstruction occurring in respiration or deglutition, seated above the lungs or
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ligand binding studies have also shown CARDIZEM binding is not
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good health, some never having been ill. Less than 10% of them had experi-
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evident, that the blood proceeded from the sockets of two of the
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ones, without apparent protoplasmic covering. Here and there in the white
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On section, the kidney tissue is resistant. The atrophy principally

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