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with unexpected success, we have thought that it would be useful to give

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from seepage, and the liability to pollution by direct introduction o

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as bile is reabsorbed, and that when the secretorj" function becomes ranch

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repetitions which occur. These are no doubt intended to tix

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careful observations upon the pulse-rate and blood-pressure.

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kidney sustains this contention. A judicious and skilful use of the

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said that in very chronic cases the pus is sometimes thin and watery.

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media with effusion in children. This guideline applies to

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1. Several of the latest investigators in the field of

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States, scientific societies, oflicial bodies, and corjwrations

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(Toronto), Dr. Konrad (Pesth), Dr. J. G. Lock (Tenby). Mr.

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her busy life preventing her from dwelling upon nervous symp-

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corroborate it. They show, moreover, that, irrespec-

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ine contractions, but the woman's condition was about the

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is better, by making another matrix from the cast ; or, what

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sary to empty the uterus, wean the child, or for the future prevent further

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of his cases show a marked effect MS regards the reduction of the quantity

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lished in 77ie Lancet of May 22, 1886 : i. In uncompli-

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tomy through the left rectus and found the kidney torn

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frank pneumonia. I will add that a physician who fails to promptly immunize the

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nesses generally, should be denied to a particular wit-

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parasitic diseases of man and animals; a critical and

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limit upon the trunk, and the leg on the thigh, which

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drink; older ones should gargle, if possible, with a demulcent (such

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bated affection for Dr. Stevenson, the late Dr. James Jackson, Jr.

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dalmane is used for

great omentum. This is a bulging forwards (see Fig. 1) of ft

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detected in the cavity. I have been using for this pur-

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be less murderers sentenced to death, and that the aver-

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Wright and Douglas employed with satisfaction Leishman's

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since published an extremely interesting paper on its congelation ; we

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nium glass, blue tourmaline, green tourmaline, chlorophyll

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himself assumes that it consists in a primary toxic disease of the spleen which gives

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