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face. G. The lengthening and angularity of the neck. 7. The spasm of
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Andrew Halliday Douglas, M.D., F.R.C.P. Ed., Haddingtoi,
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of authors; and it always changes its character by a bleeding of
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Aortic incompetence — Subsequent articular rheumatism — Sudden
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which was found free HCl, thus negativing Simon's conclu-
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upon their age, and correspond with those presented by cardiac clots.
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external action; Gimlette considered the epidemic mentioned, in which
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Assistant Bacteriologist at the Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine,
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i^r food is generally indicative of irritability of the stomach ; that the
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trates the relative proportion of deaths from consump-
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this method produces a correct case fatality rate will,
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erosion of the phalanges which take place in the course of aneestfaetie
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prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying.
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covered with a white or yellowish mucus, and red about the
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which he refers— and labours, too, as « We must not legislate for those
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twelve hours, (e. g. during the night,) and Is washed off
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After filtering a definite volume through the tubes
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is often observed, relieving as it does the subsequent
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When the tumor is found, by vaginal touch, to be high up above
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absolute (26). Damage to the visual word-centre under such circumstances
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differences in the process of development of the ovum
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Mercurials have been widely eulogized. The only two cases that
cost of ambien 5mg
attended in his last illness by an eminent physician (now deceased) for disease
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one case had occurred in fourteen years. This improvement was
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and nasal diseases owe their origin, in a large degree, to
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coating spread over the stomach and intestines. Prominence
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motion in obstinate cases of paralysis of the ocular mus-
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due to the atrophy of disuse, and exactly the same thing happens in a
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mastoid muscle, together with enlargement of the cervical lym-
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Tactile sensibility may be impaired in the region of the trigeminus
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tion, which difference is illustrated in the two cases I re-
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