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given to the amount of 55 grains during the twenty-

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health stations, and, writing without bias or exaggeration

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8. In diseases of the vessels which affect or destroy the elasticity of the artery,

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and coma ; it probably results from the presence of diacetic

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play-grounds for children, they are bulwarks against tuber-

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evening of the first day and on the morning and evening of the second

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inspiration ; I claim that I am in the employ of Jesus Christ &

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tion of the mouth and throat may show the characteristic eruption here

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6. In protracted cases, or when the patient is exhausted, nourishing

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the animal seems as if affected with chronic tetanus ; the facial

emsam food restrictions

present in the interests of the dispensaries or the medi-

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found the necessary information in reference to the elimination of interfering sedi-

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which might formerly have been attributed to this worm may perhaps be

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gone, and up to the time of committing this account to paper, she

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will always retains some power over this function ; it is never entirely

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preceding return.- At the Hampstead Hospital during

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ciation are being widely noticed by the lay press, and

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per cent. There are twenty-eight cases of amputations

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conflict had not only received no adetpiate cousidera-

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1/ — Heyman is present for Prof. Gardner's lecture.

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ing revision of the Pharmacopeia in the professions of both

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change of sound could not be demonstrated. Sputum could not be

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Definition. — A circumscribed dilatation of the aorta.

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l)rolonged periods will then be the order of the day. Dr. Davies need not

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tomv upon insane women, as recently practised and as

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anterior half of the upper two-thirds of the ascending parietal convolution. The

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Both the transitory amblyopia and the contraction of the visual fields

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gestion there is an overplus of arterial blood, and in passive congestion there

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substance, and softening of the membranes. On the lower

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