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officers from the cities of the United States, Canada, Mex-

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over the site of the injection and held in place with

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tically all cases to pass a fine filiform bougie into

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monstrated the transmission of the disease to apes.

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ratic, secretive, distrustful, and inclined to be soli-

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7. Severe Chronic Spasm of the Colon, By R. Schuetz.

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KiG. 4. — Piece of lieavy ticking sliowing the surface which is placed

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1. Whatever sum may be determined to be payable under

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tion or limitation. This affects the representations,

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vember Qth. Dr, Albert Pa>son Jackson, aged sixty-eight

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X37. Murphy. Arsenical Treatment of Syphilis. Jour-

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qua non of a good nurse ; position of the patient ;

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tain individuals lo irritation of the so called sensi-

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istic. High fever may occur in the early stage, and

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263, of whom 175 were under one year of age. The total

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ence we sho\ild aim at correctness in medical language and discard

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for example, from solid food passing over the gran-

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McCoy, G. W., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Orders to pro-

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with, or into, the Public Health and Marine Hospital Serv-

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resents a curtailed spelling of Baal {= Lord), while

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strength of the distance as well as of the near de-

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presents the difference in make up. It is more dif-

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dium and a very generous diet comprised the rest of the

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gos vocant, nec tamen, ob banc causam, aliquo rabiei

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achylia gastrica was a myth, and that cases so diag-

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held in connection with the meeting, will then be formally

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a thought would flash through niv brain "He does not know

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trustworthy sign is a sliorfeiiing of the note and a

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admitted to the Post Hospital April loth, when she was

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dition of collapse, and since then he had been afraid

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rare, so that in most cases of vicarious hjemoptysis

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individuals, there were true organic changes in the

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cases which have this appearance, namely, functional disorders.

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live birth were present. If all the conditions laid

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death rate for the week in each of the five boroughs was

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Bean, Robert Bennett. — The Racial Anatomy of the

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A few hours r.fter the man had been in the clinic room

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