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the article altogether from the shop of the druggist.

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funds over as many of the important health projects as

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threuten perfurntion of the coverinffs by tlie pressure nf the end of the bone ajiainst them.

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in the blood, as when the fluid becomes contaminated by

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shut his eyes, he did so after being told several times. Puts out

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I DESIRE to place on record an instance of this rare

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cylate ( salol ) was then tried with excellent results.

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and mixed goitres occur congenitally. They sometimes cause difficulty in

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There Avas never any history of intranasal infection or

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wilh whom he came in contact. His kindness of heart and

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overcome. If the stricture be located at the bulbo-membranous, the

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trol the attacks for a while to such an extent that one bookkeeper

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Prognosis. — When aspergillosis is engrafted upon a chronic disease of

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against it? Yes; for the honour of our school be it told, the

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can prozac cause weight gain or loss

^ I'arely transferred through a gland to a motor nerve. We must

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uted in many ways to establishing a medical school of the

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posal. I think several gentUmen imagine it is a very serious

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due to the pressure of the aqueous fluid against the

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But in all this jargon of the wild-eyed we find that antimedicine

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the invalid to an unreasonable degree, and especially

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failed. Occasionally purging has resulted owing to the con-

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— becoming too common — of naming "Fevers" by the place

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still obscure. If they 'originated in the muscles of the

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salmon, pick out the flesh carefully and mince it, not too

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organ* ; and here, indeed, it could do no harm, although

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It is four days before he again appears, and they have

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