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ments for the annual meeting of the Society in January.
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times ; then mesmeric sensations occasionally came, sunshine in the
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wisely protected, of which Massachusetts is unluckily one. The
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resulting from unhealthy surroundings [vide Specificity and
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much reduced. The improvement was rapid ; and, in the course
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and general hypochondriacal condition, we have met a foe which
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the throat and nose may well appall the would-be specialist
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private hospital of his own, which was the first of the kind
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on the contrary, the homceopathist is taught to regard a drug as
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may have and do have very plainly perceptible effects, is demon-
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" Three Cases Illustrating the Diagnosis of Coxa Vara" (N. Y. Med. Rec,
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of any theory on the subject are exceedingly hard to obtain,
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At the age of twelve he was placed in a private school in
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of the latter 's death. The extent of these friendships is sufficient evi-
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list, carefully prepared by Dr. Sutherland, according to the
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lower angle of the wound — the best of capillary drainage.
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of Baltimore, Md., has, during the past decade, made
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of air through the cervical wound, a pathognomonic sign.
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not infrequently result from taking cold, or other causes similar to those

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