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is no wound of that region. Do not in any rase git^e alcoholic sfm-

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exist, it was governed by established laws. After an allu-

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was used so far as its efficacy was concerned, and the

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Another interesting feature of these experiments is that the effect

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2 Prophylactic Nitrate Therapy -CARDIZEM may be safely

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blood. In differentiation, he used 0.2 per cent, eosin, and 0.1 per cent, methylene'

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very dark and not in large quantity. Abdomen much distended.

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treatment of the latter form, and the favourable results obtained

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some extent this is met with in nearly 90 per cent. It is very

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the tubercle bacillius itself which is generated by the living cells

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As already stated, the larger particles of blood dust are round, oval,

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thirty drop doses every hour, afford much relief. We have ap-

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strongly. They may both be regarded in the light of infections of a

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cases fail to reach permanent recovery, but it does not follow that such

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nicious anoemia, Bright's disease, sclerosis of the liver, diseases of the

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raising five or six of the valvulae conniventes with very promi-

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appropriate sphere of operation ; they are all indispensable to the accom-

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cal abscess following necrosis of the lower maxilla.

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while the remaining 59 are registered as simple influenza.

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substance of the red corpuscle. In our opinion, the theory that the

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sponding amount. In the case of the insertion of a foreign body the

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the tenesmus continuing, the next step is the inversion of the caput coli,

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was getting deeper as regarded the depth of the perineum, but that I

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Fabricius, acting assistant surgeon, U. S. Army, at Santiago,

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Alexander Tweedici M. D., F. B. S., London, 1842 ; and Clinical R^porlM on Fever, hj same

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by Dana ; a cladothrix in the meninges and cardiac vegetations by Nauny n ;

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