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Casb 1. Esther F., age 4 years, a robust child, was seen by me, May 2,

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almost invariably terminate fatally, is entirely proper, and

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meat, 31.5 days. Fearing that the bacilli had been too virulent

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for a single hour. The pilot can steer the ship, but he can not quell the

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difierent drugs, will vary somewhat with the season ; a

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amputation.] Forh. med. Sekk. i Kristiania, 1897, 146-

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On several occasions she got out of bed in the night, and went to fetch water

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explain (possibly because it was thought that child bearing ceases

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very warm, and, further, containing an excessive amount of organic

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When the urethral orifice lies open for inspection, as

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two parasites attached to one corpuscular mound (at x). Fig. 67 shows two

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The Royal College of Physicians cannot be said to have

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their supposed grievances. One of these is that the pro-

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rect proofs" of a plurality of organs in the brain. " These

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signs of lameness, nor given evidence of physical suffer-

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chloral, in my opinion, is far superior to any remedy I have ever used.

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nocuous, and perhaps this is the best praise that can be accorded a

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Where a method has become practically obsolete in hog feeding —

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were sufficiently interesting to suggest future possibilities along these lines.

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had to form a coalition with patients and hope that their

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of His Apology and an Account of His Journeys in Divers

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thing done to obtain reaction. This patient had peritonitis.

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As soon as the glass tube was filled with the blood to be used, the

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by Bossi produced much discussion in obstetric circles j

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hospital admission, previous intensive care treatment, and a

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period, however, the disease took a fresh start, and

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and it has been remarked that foreign substances which had been drawn in

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shows me that this fear is by no means a baseless or

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it is one of the chief of the sciences, and especially because it has im-

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perceptible, but it was found not to be so striking as formerly, a fact attrib-

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A comparison of Table VI with Fig. 1 shows that the mode,

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associated injuries must always be considered. It is unlikely that a

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The next two chapters present an admirable account of the various

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be associated with radiation enteritis, partial small bowel

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to be the chief characteristics of the nervous actions in the

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expenses of this year, which means that we Avill liquidate last year's

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duration, it is followed by fatigue or weakness, and more or less abdomi-

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On admission the patient was found to be small for her age, spare, but not extremely

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tion. With a pretence of cultivating a certain amount

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