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nation compulsory, and to move that the law compelling

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giardiasis treatment tinidazole dosage

parietal pleura off the interior of the rib, and, on incising the

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laryngeal nerves were cut. The epiglottis and part of the

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the tubercle bacilli that find their way into the mesenteric

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Cases Illustrating the Treatment of .Mcohnlism by Hyp-

tinidazole bp 500mg tablets

had done so much to render the health resotts of Switzerland

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ease with jaundice on which I have operated have had dis-

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tish Medical Notes in tlie Time of Queen Mary" (the oration

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likely to be met bypnvate enterprise, and it would be well if the example

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Faculty, General Intirinary, Leeds, by April liTth.

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Fob each of the past seven weeks the number of deaths in Lon-

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drainage being also bad. Below the stage was a considerable

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assertion of the author that they are erroneous, and that all

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that he is turning round) with faint feelings, during the last

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ha.i been resorted to in this case. He thought there was con-

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any question of segregation on other grounds, the Commis-

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ever he contents himself with references to convulsions,

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and had become a chronic invalid. The appendix was removed in April,

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cleated cells, oval or less regular, with fine granules in the

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the patients, but I have to confess that the resources and

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