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surface and work inward. In rare instances air enters the pleural cavity

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by slight exposure. The longer the attack, the less abrupt its cessation

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cretions of the mouth. After each feeding the mouth must be thoroughly

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chian tube, or by suppuration of the middle ear. The sense of taste usually

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points are expanded, the walls being thinned. They contain a turbid

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might have been expected from the appearance of the parts during life.

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tines. In typhoid fever, so long as the abdomen remains tympanitic, no

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cases may be thoroughly established, but in other eases this mav be

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55. Mucous membrane and stomach-tubules in chronic gastritis 260

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head elevated. Palpitation and a visible carotid impulse are now con-

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efforts are unsuccessful, the patient should be anesthetized, when the

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Niemeyer states that in the "croupous cystitis following cantharides

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often the pain remits, but does not cease until the calculus enters the du-

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First: Elements developed by perversion in the nutritive processes.

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hue. The temperature falls to normal and the pulse is slowed. As the

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itant rales and bronchial respiration ; in pulmonary oedema the dulness is

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Mothers transmit phthisical tendencies more certainly than fathers.

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photophobia. The mind may be bewildered and the patient may stagger,

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parts subjected to pressure, and gangrene is sometimes present.

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alkaline state of the urine and the possible results of such

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lations are rare. The dislocation usually takes place

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There are two plans of treatment advocated for reducing temperature

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oedema, asthenia, cerebral ansemia and collapse, are the principal causes of

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clear serum which runs over the lip never causes death ; but the fact that

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nently obliterated. Collateral circulation may be established and

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are absolutely sterile, suppuration will be less likely than by ligation

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PncumonoK'onicsis is a general term implying deposit of dust in the

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pressure on one of the iliac veins. Aneurisms here may burst into the

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lOG F. ; tliere is often almost complete suppression of urine, perhaps not

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The differentiation between lobar and lobular pneumonia has been

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subside, leaving the agminated and solitary glands more elevated ; the

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tion of the ulcer is evidenced b} T rapid collapse, muscular rigidity, and

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stricted. The unaffected side moves as in health. In double pneumonia

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in athletes, if the cause be removed, the prognosis is very favorable. The

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tumors, aneurisms of the aorta, innominata, or subclavian arteries, and by

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ducing symptoms similar to those observed in the diseases of which they

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short time the patient may become completely aphonic without any ap-

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occur from suffocation in these cases. Rapid and profuse (but '>?o«-phthisi-

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pus formation, but the disease process does not invade the spinal cord. It

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existence is rarely, if ever, positively determined unless there is a large

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face, especially upon the chin ; gradually they extend to all parts of the

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may be due to pressure upon the obturator nerve, or to an irritation of

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lation, and, as the consequence of this interference, swelling of the lower

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subject to moniinic and evening exacerbations and remissions ; hut the

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