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f uir ounces of blood flowed, and then the discharge suddenly ceased.

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the Practical Physician," published two hundred years ago,f states

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C.'^SE V. — E. C. (service of Dr. Keyser), heavy, flat

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Since the last jjregnancy, the wife has exhibited a

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stead of pure tar, or tarointmcnt, 1 for years have used a solution of

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•cently been made to the courts to reverse the decision of

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caused by his facies, peritonitis was not the prominent feature in this case. These forms

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critical moment has passed. The treatment, to be suc-

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f,)()t bjcoine stiff from disuse, on account of the

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morning was to consider the building of a crematory with

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guished Baptist minister. He was bom in Spotsylvania

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perience, the doctor only seems to consider it contra-indi-

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effusion of water on the knee which subsided in two or three

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before use for any action on protein carbohydrate and fat.

nytol one a night reviews

peritoneal tuberculosis. The rings were removed by an incision in the

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eyes, and a central scotoma in the field of the left. At tlie autopsy, a

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patient, rapidity of the growth, and the location and

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interference. The number of these questions still to be answered is so

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error in the absolute quantity of hemoglobin determined by this instrument does not

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Cawarden died in the year 1559. In the meantime the Roncevall

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of the County Medical Society, the Academy of Medi-

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■• ■ ••••-. '■» -. ■! ■•!■■ • ■ i-.-.'r ■ ■■--■■.! -vrs* 11, -fri-a

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Complications of bones and joints in typhoid fever. Chi-

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fluid in the perivascular spaces cannot yield, but makes

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