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many varieties of tissue, areolar, myxomatous, glandular, nerv-

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there is at once infiltration into the subcutaneous tis-


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caliber, was extracted, and shock followed, the patient being

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China : Hongkong, March 23-30, IS cases, 13 deaths.

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is especially true In this' regard. Quackery In all Its forma Is

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Care should be taken to place the ends of the calipers

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her feelings and all the alleged consequences of the injuries;

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the other hand, of 128 who continued to lire on imported rice

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controlled. Patient died of shock. Patient bled profusely before

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in India from this disease is approximately 11,000. It is de-

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divided, the orifice in the vein closed by a lateral suture and

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uterine pregnancy treated by the vaginal route. He called at-

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studied as early as 1700 by Eamazzini, an Italian phy-


character, is not settled. The developmental cycles

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As a result of this state of affairs in Gloucester every practicing

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telegraph, telephone, and labor-saving machines, then,

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correctly the effect of certain sanitary laws, we should

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I have been able to verify the diagnosis with the micro-

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money invested to make our investment, when added to the

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E. Congdon. OflScers of the ensuing year were chosen as follows:

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Db. Williah T. Belfield epiphasized the use and value of

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Titles marked with an asterisk (*) are noted below.

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situation but because it was the most convenient place

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shall be published and sold for the exclusive benefit of the

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population lived in towns having public water-supplies,

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the injections are given every third day there is a notioeaUe

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swelling had been incised at four different times, giving vent

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the gall-bladder, removing eight ounces of thick, green bile.

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Spanish translator, died suddenly in Washington, D.C., April

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responsible. In the future it would be well for all

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Delinquent Health Officers. — Of the 1600 local boards of

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