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The Marine-Hospital Service. — A bill has been in-

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nium sulphide, iron filings, Stokes's fluid (tartaric acid, iron

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At last, even this stern student was compelled to submit to gentler

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• Judge EUiB w«H ralBcd to the Bench In 1678 and died " grundn-vus Scucctuto.- aged 71.

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Learning in the Middle Ages was confined to the monasteries, and

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Climate and mode of life, I believe, offer the most cer-

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but it had a considerable element of truth in it.) In 1898 Grassi and

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cramp-like pains in the umbilical region which spread in various direc-

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convolutions, but it may extend also into the temporal lobe. When this is

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vaccination and other protective agencies. To quote from the

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same conditions develop jaundice, as occasionally occurs in boarding

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future induced premature delivery and use of the incubator, with the

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wall be forcibly percussed and the stomach contents agitated, provided

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ing papers of the same week, as also in another column the death of the " cured"

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pessary cannot be worn either from nervous dislike or

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the poor, which sufficed to preserve them from sickness

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July 20th. The (edema of the left leg is increasing, while there is now no swelling

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* The London "Lancet," May 29, 1880, "Cases of Rheumatic Fever treated with

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the secretion of saliva. Diminution of the gastric secretion

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authorities the body of a criminal who was to be hung on

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vessels, no less than my great desire to submit them, and the

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and the salicyluric reaction can be demonstrated in the urine within one and one-

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Db. J. C, Peters thought it by no means settled that the

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digitalis when compensation is established is emphasized, and if the physi-

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paralysis of the respiratory muscles and lesions of the respiratory

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disease of the bladder brought on, or aggravated by the opera-

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what our duty is; and if they would only remember that false and unsub-

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in proportion to the inflammation, are the common effect ; but the process

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treating it must necessarily sufier admixture with various

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menters who have pursued this part of the investigation above

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the endogenous excretion of uric acid in these two cases, 8 and 9, is

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