Depression Remeron
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Membre dc I'lnstitut d.3 France ; Professeur au College de France.
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acteristics of a rheumatic endocarditis may have a separate infection
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become thickened or changed. It may be only thickened by hyper-
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and exceeded by o .^ the rate recorded in London, which was 19.1 per
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old terms "grand mal" and "petit mal" illustrate this misconception,
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arm, or in the case of the rectus abdominis, the same good results of
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better results than by the use of such restoratives as iron and cod-
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traction of the right internal rectus evokes also relaxation of
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other portions of the feminine face. Now the hairy patch in
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him. In all ages it has been the scourge of armies, while it also
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the lateral wings at the synqJiysis noay also be cm aS to ainoftd list
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tion, paralysis, and affections of the heart, causing sudden death, were
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they remain discrete, hard, free from tenderness, and do not suppurate.
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affection of the joints and bones may come on early before the symp-
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These bands are ordinarily produced by syphilitic gummata, which
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These questions, suggested by bedside experience, show that the
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thus become fused, as it were, into a matted felt of encroaching and
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molecules in striated muscular tissue tends to decrease the
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circular received from the Secretary of the Midwives Bill
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great swarms of flies in the camps, examination showed that these in-
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quite similar to that described in our chapter on Rheumatic Fever,
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to attend him in his last days. These cases are most pathetic,
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forms by change of air or of surroundings, or in infants, change of the
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These fumes have been found by analysis to contain from
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fatigue the disease progresses more rapidly, but the patient should be
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honour him alike by hospitably entertaining him and appre-
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all the problems connected with the treatment of the disease. That the
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a rheumatic inflammation. It should be remembered that a rheu-
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Ireland, inasmuch as the College believe that by clause 1, sub-clause I, the
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removes impurities from the surface aud replenishes the sources of
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The work treats of all forms of canoes, botli paddling and
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In the most secluded and jealously protected parts of the body are
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Remarks. — It will be at once said that this was an ex-
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taining the foot in accurate apposition with the foot piece,
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Rheumatic attacks are prone to vary in severity from time to
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.\ct. Burgh Police i,S .'otland), 1892, remarks on,
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the same way. A thin wire of a special alloy is curled round

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