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its color is a bright red, and on microscopic examination the corpuscles
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the articulating end of the bones of the elbow and knee-joints
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2d to an autopsy performed by M. Habos and M. Kalindero in
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is shown in graphic form in Charts V and VI, which include
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the pigeon to opium, from which were evolved novel results, for Dr.
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have elapsed. It is unnecessary to wait longer than six hours. In
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Above this aneurismal sac there are several small ir-
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rapid cessation of suppuration described by Lister, but in very many
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cause vomiting in carnivora. All the secretions are dimin-
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for imposition by that portion of the population which lives
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the neck might reveal the arrangement of the bones. There were also
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thirds inch. Ocular, Spencer's aplanatic. Condenser, Ross's achromatic, front
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to his hands and feet that they are now, and that they have never
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about normal as to quantity, acid, sp. gr. about 1020. Containing
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mented in the literature. 1 Three earlier case reports of
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In What Relation does Occupation Stand to Tuberculosis?
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diet, or this may be made the basis of treatment from the beginning. Cantlie
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These objections are not altogether of recent origin. When speaking
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cheek, which slowly extended for fourteen years. In twelve months a
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deadly disease, the only trustworthy operation is the
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measles. In a number of autopsies he found that in each case the heart
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course modem students would never do such an egregious blunder, but this fact
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tion of the left side of the heart, in such as die in cold stage who
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inflammation and extensive abscesses in the subcutaneous cellular
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brain and cord substance being little, if at all, involved, though there
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chemist, 'Do not forget that a pint of milk contains as much
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Field Ambulance. Fourteen Indian patients were suffering from fever
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iV (0.002-0.004), is an efficient stimulant. Newburg^ and others have shown
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size and extent when it is exposed. In two cases I have been
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tunity to examine the Act, passed at the last session of the Legislature
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dislocation of the hip, of scoliosis, of traumatic and non-traumatic

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