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with the view,says he, de detourner V irritation qui se propageait
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masses in imperfect solution prolonging the closure of the pylorus.
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slowly. The intervals between injections may be four to eight
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having the characters of malignant gi-owths of the kidneys in general.
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rhagic, gangrenous patches surrounded by a red inflanunatory area. The
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means within our reach of presenting such to our readers. We have
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The delirium of rheumatism is discussed with great ability.
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ment of measures in the treatment of diseases, but the results of experience
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discharge of white fibro-serous fluid from the postei-ior
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cathartic of a hydrogogue character. It is also considered cholo-
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tribution to the Therapeutics of Polioymelitis," by Dr.
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" necrosing ethmoiditis " was for awhile applied. Evi-
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viceable exploratory puncture (or aspiration) syringe are the follow-
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an eczematous condition but develop in an isolated manner with
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Prevention. — All parts of the body should be kept as dry as pos-
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It may happen also, that a bone may neither be splintered, nor broken through
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The division of medicine called prognosis treats of the means by which
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which is characteristic of epithelial cancer. It is a
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until the bowels are emptied, after which, they are
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cision assumed the form of a Y. I referred to this patient in my
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to be considerably less than is commonly supposed, and that
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and Elcho, Wis., prior to establishing his practice
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retina.' The curious phenomena of colour-blindness depend upon an abnormal
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Definition. — A series of morbid phenomena induced by the
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Union, might have to send eight miles to the Relieving
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54 Disastrous Results following Whitehead's Operation for Piles and the so-called
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Kidney function in diabetes mellitus, observations on ; R. Fitz 809
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The modus operandi of the operation in this case was two-fold : it
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lessen the risk of chills or rapid changes of skin temperature. The under-
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I must admit that there was a considerable amount of truth under-

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