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the funis should be severed by the fingers and delivery

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however, a great change had set in, and at present there

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we hope to effect the escape of acid from the system. On being removed from

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17 En<^eiridiain Anatom Parisiis, 1668. Opera Anatomi.

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as that which has uniformly attended its use in our hands. In the

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Atrophic cirrhosis, and (2) hypertrophic cirrhosis.

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Pseudo-Membranous Croup — Intubation of the Larynx, 1886. The Times

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citixeas will be induced to leave those peaceful and innocent employ-

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the ''Busto del Libertador," in'rea^ition of their ser-

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stages, I am convinced from a number of facts, that in some

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Fistulous opening, recovery after copious discharge

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the operation by incising the bowel and expressing its conteDts, or, in

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been fixed in the pelvis in order to give the uterus a point d'appui to

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ed by considerable febrile excitement, with great thirst, and

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St. John, X.B. ; Dr. C. J. Fagan, Victoria, B.C., and Dr. George

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tients had shown great improvement under treatment, but this

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is found increased with no other plausible reason for the in-

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errors of refraction may become uniform, the State examining

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camphor could scarcely be said, even under such circum-

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his persistent advocary of tlieir appointment; and in more

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nine such cases on record.— t/ottr. des Set. Med.

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Library seating 80, will remain the only branch of the Library, Upon comple-

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Ovaries, with Ventral Fixation of the Uterus. Austral. Med. Gaz., 1898,

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covered with a cloth and left to rise a second time. When it

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" it was understood tliat all leave from the army had been stojyj^ed and

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the pressure in the cerebral veins. If the fluid be allowed to escape from

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They fay, that if a man is infected with it, he will often com-

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