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demic. The fact brought out by these figures affords,

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The reaction of diacetyl and benzoyl acetyl peroxides may be looked

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of this improved schedule of payments will depend in

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physician directs him to do to the letter, the latter is not in any w^ay

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ance with a resolution passed last year, the British Medical Association has

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oertains to pulmonary tuberculosis, how to cooperate

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pieces of membrane in the early morning, since when

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and that immediately above it the gut was greatly dilated, and

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matter has been interpolated by the editor. In this

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the neighborhood of the sphenoidal fissure. In fissures crossing the

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gence may be wanting. In this way the existence of paralysis becomes

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consists of putrescin and cadaverin hydrochlorates, from which the

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head, it is very Liable to he Lacerated by the passage of the

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finally cleared of about one hundred and twenty worms.

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conclusion that the attacks from which this patient suffers are due to

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clines by degrees, and ceases altogether for some time before the

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Jewish boy, 14 years of age, in his first year had epileptic

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of the phenomena already determined by the art of sur-

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microbes elsewhere ? Because certain micro])es were found it did not follow

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almost continual pain in the part. The tumour now rapidly

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or even a pronounced degree of malarial cachexia is not a contra-

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5 grains (0.3 gm.) for both colic and paralysis in mild cases; my results

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ous when injected into animals. The chief developments in our knowl-

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gressive differentiation of the cells resulting from the ovum and

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Together with smaller quantities of various articles which have been

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with moderate risk, and so might ingrowths towards the uterine cavity or

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The typical reflex neurosis is from female pelvic disease, and from this

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scapular regions, there were the same erythema and swelling. The hands

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dens rightly says, "they favour in place of opposing the afflux of fluids to

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infected material to the iiealthy parts. Unfortunately

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In septic cases the aHected bronchi contain little plugs of

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Of great importance are certain complications of measles, that are

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the necessities that urged that compromise has grown

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