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vise and increase his physiological knowledge. The style of the
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51. Organic Impurities in Water. By Dr. Wm. Proctor.
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this sudden outbreak as something akin to a furious
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Erwiderung auf den Aufsatz vou Fermi: Ueber die ver-
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late it more easily. A ligature was now passed around
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long time on the verge of the grave. The reason is, the affections, when
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rian Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. He was author of the Manual
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is still indicated, it should be given in the same way, but in a lower potency. In
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through the muscles, point in almost any part upon the surface. It may
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•or pills, on the same plan as directed for Quinine, or in five-grain doses
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in provoking adhesions between the kidney and the abdominal wall.
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much lessened, inasmuch as lowering of arterial tension in any
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not seem to affect the thyroid as distinctly as do the others mentioned.
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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis of splanchnoptosis should be easily made
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symptoms subside and recur after quiet intervals of varying duration, the
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diffusing correct information throughout the community. We trust,
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at another point to emerge from the ajjex of the same. The entire
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As to diet, there is no doubt that when the dyspepsia succeeds over-in-
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and usually late. Often it is of the form called subicteric, the
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system for which nature and education have not supplied the con-
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entered. The dose of liquid is variable ; Luton em-
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as the notion is true in any other respect, and the parties have
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cases and the marked disturbance of the circulation, usually in the direction
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pains by tractions on the cord while delivering the pla-
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and graduated stretchings. Stretching of a peripheral nerve exerts
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ical man, as there may be earnest indications for treatment which it

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