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Lepidium A nnuum Lobelii, Ef Lugdenenfis ■, Lepi-
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terest and a right to demand protection at the public expense
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largenefs of a great Warden : the Seed is long, flat
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in it than is in moft other Ample and cold diftilled
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its force, the profuse perspiration, the prompt and favorable in-
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for which Reafon this Plant will not thrive and bear
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the greater, but the fmallef are always at the bot-
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practice enjoins upon every regular doctor the employment of
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while and to execute slow gymnastic movements in an almost perfect
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being dryed, have indeed a pretty ftrong Smell, but
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much from it, neither in fhape, nor color, nor magnitude.
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they, or other Rofes Jo. After thcflowers are pall,
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dis , Clematis pcregrina •, Ladies-Bower, or Virgins-
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ing at every Joint both a Branch and a Leaf, which is
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1 bickj Sarax : in Greeks £ ^} r nv ov -> ^ 5 "
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parts ', from whence rifes up one, and fometimes two
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er. 2. Fraxinella flore rubro , Baftard Dittany with
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of the Still, and evaporate it away, till an Extract
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practitioners forget the possibility of the existence of enteric
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Stalks, and at the tops of them likewife come forth
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much larger Dofe. Ufed as a Cofmetick , it is a great
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if!> husks, confining of five, and Sometimes fix
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Jacinths, but the chief difference is in this , that its
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charity which is full of kindness and Christian love towards
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J 'pot ted variably, which are not in the Single Kind,
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Root is fometimes knobbed , but more often bulbed ,
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being taken for 20 or thirty days together, it cau-
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Remora aratri , Are ft a bovis, Anonti , Reft-harrow.
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Mass. ; Dr. Beujamin Welch, Jr., of Lakeville : Dr. James
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flrong, and woody , filled with almoft an innumerable
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/ m. flier about the Stalk, which is about a Span high:
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firlt Degree. And Diofcorides fays, that in his time
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from The F / e i ara,ion! ‘ Y °“ may make there-
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6. Nigilla Citrina Flore albo multiplici, white Ni-
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Leaves appear net yet, but the Root lying with at ; ] r.
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is limited entirely to those who desire to practice medicine or
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que Striata per totum dorfo Coccineo , oris palladis.
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associated a certain practicability that tends to eliminate difficulties
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Chondrilla altera Dodonai ■ Chondrilla frinta Ci-

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