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M. were intact. We then brought the middle fibers of

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into the service of the patient, by far the most important is

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parts are connected with the cerebellum, and the superioi

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orbital margin of the tarsal cartilages. This anatomical

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After the treatment is discontinued, the patient should

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was only 30, soft and flowing, and could scarcely be counted.

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loath to recommend tapping, until the symptoms actually call for

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this case, but the very dangerous nature of the operation, and

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on to the cell, and comes in contact with the liquid, which

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with that of other cathartics, he was induced to sus-

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and deepest one runs a ravine, which seems to correspond with

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dying unbaptized, when baptism is impossible, she is silent; content

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or of food, with a violent gush; looseness of the bowels, with dischaige of

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quently meets with surprises on opening the abdomen, for, as will

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ated. It was tolerably thick, of a dirty greenish-gray colour,

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serum-glucose-agar ordinarily used for the growth of Diplococcus

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makes, when threatened with suffocation by the copious explo-

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influence of a dominant muscle group. As we have pre-

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ed by considerable febrile excitement, with great thirst, and

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Me. Curie ten years ago, out of pitchblend (oxide of uranium),

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occurs and lymphatic fistulaB, from which a clear serum exudes, are

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tlit> disease will prove fatal in a large proportion of cases, sooner or later.

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pressed in the first instance by anaemia, and subsequently

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overfilled veins of the liver and sufficient blood is drawn into the heart

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life of the patient, because the disease lies near the

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seldom arouses the startled slumberer by its unwelcome visit. Neu-

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the respiratory system. Next percussion, auscultation, voice, succussion,

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This book is practically a new edition of Louis Parkes' hand-book, with

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every man, then, with whom such considerations as these have

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solution of ferric chloride (Fe, Clg) containing about 37.8

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Mil. Editor — You will see by an obituary notice in the Veimonter,

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records of a number of cases of mobile cecum with irrelievable cecum stasis, constant

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indication ; but we prudently reserve our credence and wait

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filaments. These bodies permeated all this fluid of the mosquito,

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