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tion, though it never brings it's fruit to maturity fl^J. Thefe

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vent sleep. But even if the first factor does not predominate and

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sine, qud non of such an establishment. He made 597 post-mortem

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less dogs. The enforcement of this regulation produced a steadily decreas-

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matter of time and treatment, and frequently symptoms have to-be treated

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others ; it being nothing extraordinary for them to

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of its power. At the same time, electrical treatment and abdominal

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obferved in the years 1731 and 1765, that blifler is

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that the cause of the obstruction is a fsecal impaction, there is no harm in

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borne in mind, however, that the principal nidus of the parasite is the

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to be necessary that such deposition should occur fairly copiously and

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diftempers in the internal part of the eye, very little

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occur in rapidly growing children, but also in those who are growing very

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seven months. It is very uncommon in later adult life. Dr. Payne

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Pyloric stenosis is frequently the result of cancer. The growth may

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bacterium can be recovered from the monkey and recultivated ; on

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ence of opinion occurs. One might say that there are two schools

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plete perihepatitis. Of these twenty-two, in two it was stated that

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at the fame time render his flelh fine and delicate,

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more neceflary in the elTential concerns of life, fuch

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changes in the bones, the conditions varying according to the stage and

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Where and how bell bred, 57. Defcription of the mare and

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fairly constant. It is made worse by use of the eyes and is not accom-

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always ameliorates the pain of tired debilitated women but it returns

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whether an actual attack of haemateniesis is due to swallowed blood from

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haematological finding in Addison's anaemia. It probably indicates an

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of raifmg it in the middle, it fliould be fome- what

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must be given at least every four hours ; and if there is any irritability

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by Calmette, a 2 per cent, solution of hypochlorite of lime, which he states

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Of all our industries it is the white-lead factories that supply the

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and fait, and kept conftantly in the anus, in order

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may well be considered together. With the advantage of improved

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of the means by which Pope Clement XI. put a flop to it,, "

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juice was demonstrated by Beaumont in the case of Alexis St. Martin,,

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pressed that I sailed for six weeks, hoping to get well, but was no

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the forehead, the horfe carries his head ill •, and when

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Alcoholic ataxia, or pseudo-tabes, belongs to this class, and is sufficiently

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relieves distressing symptoms. Heat acts in much the same way, but is

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human body is by means of the expectoration. A phthisical patient with

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