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destroyed throughout its whole length by a hot wire. The action of the heart was not at all

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and the boy rapidly became septic. Temperature 104.5 on the eighteenth

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ossification of the anterior part of the falx cerebri, but none anywhere else.

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wonderful success in the use of hyperemia, the method is now

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Prescribed : Bryonia alb. 2x. — Two day* latep — patients reported

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though he could repeat spoken words. In ordinary conver-

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and Peppard — retiring president. Dr. Lepak, president

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have hypertrophy and dilatation, either or both, or com-

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from the litters, washed, and replaced. When it becomes torn or

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meeting ; and the officers and members for their earnest ef-

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whilst labor is progressing. The one object I have in view

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With pancreatic cysts the uterus occupies its normal position, and the

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in the carrying out of TufnelFs treatment. Now the patient whose

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steaks will do as much and in a vastly more agreeable way ; not forgetting

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sations : she began to feel pain as well as heaviness in the legs.

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the chorion was found a dark tumor the size of a pigeon's egg.

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meningitis described in the last chapter, and we can only decide, from

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Six with medical ailments, 9 brought in dead, 8 with no ailment, and 5 not

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curetted away all the exudate, sponged the cavity with

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of cyanosis. The position of a person just on the turn to

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typhoid, — that is, resembling typhus. Again, those who have studied

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and he can in 15 minutes give a reliable opinion as to

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I lie [Mtieiit wa? ill with .•>e\ei'e to\,eniia ; the temperature w.i- remiltetil

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tubercle bear the same relation to each other as soil to seed, ■

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I forgot to mention one point in connection with the thermocautery.

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The Daniell cell has a very constant electro-motive force

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the War Office, Admiralty, Navy Pay Office, Stamp Office,

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arbitrary manner, without regard to natural or artificial relations ; such

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has been sent to the several boards of health of municipal-

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