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observations accumulated, however, influenza was observed to

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Secretary who accompanied it were kept much longer, and

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But chemistry has no such remedy to offer us; and so we are

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peared after a bath of an hour's duration. Another injection of

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young gentlemen that it was not written, for the press, he consented, and

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strangle themselves in any other manner than by a ligature applied circularly.

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due principally to the section of the nerves made during the operation. In

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have been brought, there has been any extension of tiie

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the external iliac artery. A ligature placed around it, dividing

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a native servant is far cheaper, and can be at once discharged

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muscular fibres which lay within the area of the fibroid change ; they ex-

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ear trouble. I have sometimes cut off a little corner so as to re-

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nephritis put out 44 per cent, of the uric acid injected, while very little

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lens as a structure composed of fibres which are arranged

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