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and finally completely stagnant, constituting stasis or passive

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Inoculation of Rabbits and Guinea Pigs with the Cultivable Bodies.

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Television. A substantial percentage of the replies

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Only the front of the incisors is covered with enamel, which keeps

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a series of inflated pufl^s on his performances, bearing a marvellous resem-

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General Symptoms, — The disease affects more particu-

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integumental portions Avithout rupturing or tearing the

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thoracic duct. The bile salts, which have been absorbed

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large numbers, but, is scarce in the blood itself; it varies in

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ogenous action it supports the patient : by its reducing

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appetite always had been good, but for the previous four weeks it had been

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formed. In the case of a chronic purulent otitis media, the radical

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acute, are never powerful ; fixity of ideas and resulting purpose

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tive) and severe toothache. Dk.. W. B. Ewisg spoke of furun-

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ther urged that under the present state of modern civilization there

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his epigastrium, extending around toward the right to the small

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nary phthisis at 7 years, and (14) cholera. There are also slips for the following

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age of Acacia and continue the rubbing till all odor of

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port. The Ministers of War and the Marine have given

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which was requisite to destroy the secreting ; care be taken thoroughly to empty the cyst

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similar material burning in one corner of the yard ; and on inquiry he found

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cause abscess, especially when in the vi- germs, but when pancreatic juice is free in

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urinary evidences of hepatic insufficiency. The mental

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predisposition of an individual to this condition may be

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felt on the other side, that the difficulty wiU still longer

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often render this condition easy of diagnosis. It is to be noted that absolute

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the last one and one-half years they had been at times

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clothes, or have removed his excretions, they must brush their hands

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disease named Idiopathic multiple pigmented sarcoma, by Koebner and

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matter vomited, or the description of the food eaten, will commonly lead to I

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observation of a series of very definite and easily demonstrable

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ishing their local blood-supply. Bier,' of Kiel, undertook

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Hence it is that so often a hypodermic needle fails to find

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