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coast of China as that experienced from .January 13th to 18th.

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I told you, then, before operating that I expected to find a

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St. Geoege's. Hours of Attendance. —Medical and Surgical, M. Tu. F. 9.,

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the depot infirmary. A thief in a French law court a few

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debated at such an early stage. It may involve complex

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House-Surgeon to the Metropolitan Hospital, Kingsland Road, N.E.

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■fay two tumours, the abdominal one ovarian, and that in the

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that time he had been quite unable to move the muscles

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South Midland Branch.— The annual meeting of this Branch will be

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than skimmed. For in giving the latter you not only

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tion, but handling the uterus caused intense pain and deeper

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the same midwife, notified as being ill of puerperal fever, and

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Annual Committfe be requested to continue to represent the views an tl

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a gain of 4 per cent hfemoglobin. The addition of iron caused

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the Invalid Transport Corps about £ I. .500, or a total income of about,

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to digestion "11! There is much more of the same kind, into

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these countries — wiiieh you have not as yet had an opportu -

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sition to the experience of surgeons in this country who liave

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months, as a rule, the periodicity of disturbance is not dis-

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the right arm. One of these was well, the other had been in-

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that there will be no abatement of the efTorts of the Sanitary

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l.sso (medal) ; in the Soudan campaign in issri, including the engagements

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"result has been failure. Various species of animals (monkeys,

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The Bbitish Medicai Jodbnal of April 5th, 1890, contains

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J K. Warry, London; Mr. P. L. Webster, London; Mr. E. B. Wotff,

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instances we receive copies of local papers contaiuing similar an-

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rent academic year, 11 are women. Of these, 5 are students of

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