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mitral (5), or mitral-aortic (3) valve-disease .... 8
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voice, by the constant whistling sound in respiration ; by the
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badly injured. The second day the parts may be bathed with:
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Mast cells may be present, but in many cases they are absent.
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margins and the relation of their movements to the median line. When
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and there are two sliding- checks, which can be fixed by means of a small
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healthy state, and when the stomach is overcharged, may relieve those
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excludes that of tuberculosis ; on the other, we know that there is a cloee
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man-of-war Yantic, died of pneumonia aboard that ship
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The Committee on Diseases have the honor to present the
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A Journal of Medicine and Surgery, published every other Saturday. Price, $3
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view that the so-called membranous croup is only laryngeal diphtheria.
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St. , 1897, vii, 6.">3.— Sacchi (E.) Sulle par.disi
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kept at bay, and a hazardous life may be protracted for many
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Thus, though so near to the reputed home of cholera,
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pain and difficulty of swallowing are so great that he permits the secretions
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no cause for discouragement for other less favored local-
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finally to the closure of the obstetric wards. It may be regarded
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after the patient's admission, assisted by Mr Caird, I cut down on
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from seven to thirteen in number, open into the pelvis of the kid-
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body was given up (p. 77). The notion that the bones separated in
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warm water. This is injected into the bladder, which has
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rib in the same situation, and dulness is also present high
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her family attendant ; most of the physical signs and .symptoms
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inner legs were smaller than the outer pair. Her spinal column
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V. we find " Syphilis in the Nasal Cavity" treated in
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Symptoms and Coubse. In describing this disease, we shall adhen

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