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of vital interest. But a very great and perhaps somewhat extraordi-

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They hold that the whole phenomena were due to suggestion emanating

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Smith, J. A., Lexington; N. C. Med. Coll., 1915.. 1915 1917

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but had a good field of vision. I removed the lens with-

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carbolic acid is very effective to relieve the extreme irritability of the

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toms appear. When the process once begins it extends at a pretty

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relatively good health. Such a man has not the "margin of safety"

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with each other. Each vein has three coats ; internal, middle, and

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despite the fact that the literature shows that several investigators have been

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Jefferson Medical College, etc. Third edition, revised and enlarged, with illustra-

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References.— '" Amer. Journ. Med. Sci.," April, 1897; 'Ibid.,

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Walsh, Simon J., 25 E. 128th St., New York, New York Co.

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Frank Lydston were elected directors, and Dr. L. Harrison

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matic catarrh. We have further seen a true rheumatic

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Gilbert's opinion, thus prefaced, is, that the earth with its masses

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can be confounded. The subjective manifestations, also the objective

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Each tablet contains: methenamine, 300 mg.; sodium acid phosphate, 500 mg.

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that an individual with a quarter of a dioptre out of the way should be

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^i^iilkUa^ yMiwhriftig^ b^ vindh ^anButiif* of s loj lalter greenish fluid

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will be given an opportunity to review any substantial editing or abridgement before publication.

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It must not be supposed that a definite history of a single shock

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the ovaries being' left. Such a case was seen recently.

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genius. Many such remain all their lives ii) tlie stage

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hourly pulse-chart shows that it has been u-ually regular, between 75 and 90.

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smoke, and the taking of ammonium salts and mineral acids as medicaments in-

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in all cases of hepatitis, that one shoulder is lower than the other. 1

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Kidney With Inferior Renal Artery ; Complete Ossification of Stylo-Hyoid

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study and pay homage to the great names we all worship.

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"anasarca, phlebitis, and nephritis" (Rumford). Hepatic abscess is never

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indifferent medicine which the patient was assured,

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corpus sanum as will make a lasting impression on the death

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blue monster movie character

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Eau Claire J.V.R.Lyman,Eau Claire. H. A. Fulton, Eau Claire.

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