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still no success was achieved with the surgical tissues.

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need of a higher medical standard, and this thought has been

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with some propriety be given to Botanic physicians.

ambien overdose mg

mendation of the Medical Board of the Hospital, after an examination, and receive a

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died of it, six had latent virulent foci). Hence, in the bodies of 61 persons

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not that we doubt the efficacy of the means — but

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which give this method its superiority had been ori-

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mentioned. An increase in the degree of acidity may similarly take

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ken as the guage of intellectual endowment and capability for

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Pension for Nurses, who is Secretary of the Loudon Stock

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time, did not promise a cure even remotely — death sooner or

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furnish the necessary light which can easily character, whether tubercular, malignant,

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Effect on animals other than horses, cattle, and sheep 103

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important abnormality : During the three periods of the nitrogen

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near to the body, the cicatrix is large, deep, and very irregular. If the pro-

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are absent in some cases, and the disease appears suddenly, with the fol-

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and the various societies throughout the state, to the end that an united

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its surface. On attempting to inflate the lungs by a pipe introduced

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milieu entre V enthousiasme que exagere tout et la j)revention

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with partial abduction it was painful. Active abduc-

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ago. Following that he had nephritis, which lasted for a number of

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desired by the profession. — i/ed. Times and Gaz., March 8, 1862.

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nishing the ability of the vocal muscles to act for any length of time

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cer is between one in 3,000 and one in 10,000 pregnancies.

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1- , A* D ■ \u A- u ju I natant solution has a strong odour of roses,

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Even if we admit that, as regards the frequency of influenza pneu-

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causes the loss of both front leetli, and makes the

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reasonable offer and finance as you wish. Office help

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*J28 Campbell, on the Influence of Dentition [June,

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