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diet is needed and the best possible hygiene both at
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Of chemically pure Lecithine / ^"t'r^rSSs^'^S'J^^/^f^^^^
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Dr. Spalding's popularity and success won for him an extensive practice
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secretions of the adrenals in its relations to the respiratory pro-
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the entire range of scientific and practical medicine and allied
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Linwood Dickens Keyser. Roanoke, Va. 606 N. Broadway.
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discrepancy in Dr. Bowers' dates. He says that he thinks it was
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An opportunity is given to obtain practical instruction in
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changes will be considered later in the course of this paper.
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substance. The desideratum, however, is a simple, straightforward
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of the construction and manipulation of the X-ray apparatus,
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the pushing of the diaphragm upwards by an enlarged liver, and
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ous to the public health and from the annual reports
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here is one which may offer food for thought. She had long
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to believe that the principle of the conservation of energy holds as rigidly
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good tidings," destined to transform the therapeutic world. It
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Paul F. Monde told me that he had nineteen female school teachers
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of so-called pernicious anemia. — Journal of the American
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tinal sand, sprue, ulcerative colitis, and idiopathic dilation of the
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trace of amoebae. In two cases of amoebic abscess that ended fatally
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Hospital. They are treating on an average, daily, about 150 to
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To recapitulate, or rather to summarize my views, let me offer
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I. A weekly clinic or lecture on Monday from 12 to 1
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shaving is done the i)revious evening or before the
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On admission to Westborough State Hospital, Jan. 27, 191 1,
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spread under the most favorable atmospheric conditions, and lack
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mal child with average aptitude for study. Married at 19 and has
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ing some ])ainting done, were told of its poisonous
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usually found in men provided that the stomach empties itself in the
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and by-lawSj which were not received until a few weeks ago. Ample
clotrimazole troche 10 mg

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