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and not only a loss for the deep bass notes, but any low note caused

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attention than this. It was first presented to us in a

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I remember a very celebrated case that came under the notice of

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48 hours. Fall, with immediate loss of power over lower extremi-

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crepitant and subcrepitant dry rales. There was gen-

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of shams, frauds, and impostors. Elsewhere college work was

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thus anchoring the gut in this situation and closing off the peri-

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jected during defibrination, the overheating of the

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during the night before ; they were, however, far from alarming. Ap-

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3d. Clear assignments were made from definite texts and teachers held re-'

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fourteenth century more vigorously than elsewhere in

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owing to thinning of the cranial bones. But, as a rule, the adult form differs

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sources they will always be viewed as having the last

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contour, and Brumpt and others have described basophile rings

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enlarged, and entirely reset. 12 mo of 200 pages, fully illustrated.

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form facts s'uffieient to give the reader an insight intx) matters that may

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where it causes any pain. It is particularly contraindicated

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never expects, in the case of any accusation of this character, the

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c >ntinued quite regular and frequent and at that time

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other local expression of the gonorrhceal infection. 5th.

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(though under influence of nerves) was shown by Stemace to be

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The first part, the part relating to the stomach, deals with general

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pressure, and of the imperative necessity in glaucoma of an early

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Entered March 7, 1902, as Second-Class Matter, Post-office at Cleveland, Ohio, under Act of

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putrid matter acquired additional virulent power by transmii'Sion throuph

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limb. On examination, the tumour was found to involve the

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state of rest. It is not even definitely settled that accom-

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In preventive medicine and hygiene it is absolutely essential

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Jordan in 1869. It consists in painting the affected tes-

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predict; thus, the effects on individual allotments

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alertness might be a preliminary to the period of expansive

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made by Liebig and Wiihler, who found it to be C,o 11, N., O,. Both

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gives rise to the development of carcinoma and sarcoma — which is

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and ringing in her ears have greatly increased. When she stopped

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admitting that the ingested hemoglobin and chlorophyll may possi-

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14. Sofferman RA: Lingual infarction in cranial arteritis. JAMA 1980;

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strong, and when cerebral symptoms do not exist In the later

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monic of pancreatic disease. Dr. Wardell, in " Reynolds'

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cniions of matters that are expected to come up at particular meet-

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CHARLES H. NIGHTINGALE, PH.D., Vice President, Research

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a conductor into the urethra, and, while pressing this down

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poisoned the wound. Special studies, however, for demon-

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be^extensive, are chills, rigors and anxiety. The local

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4. Continued collaboration and some new involvement of nurses in policy-

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regions, and pass months with only an occasional slighl chill, or headache, and then sad*

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epigastric reflexes, are present. Now, I may just say one or two words

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