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violent sucking of a few days ago, but such as could be
eties decided changes take place in the blood itself,
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Russia — Kertcliienikale, prefecture. .Sept. 4-10 i
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itself is an affection the gravity of which has bten
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the holders for development it is a simple matter to
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from transmissible diseases were reported to the Depart-
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ful ignorance of the necessity of fresh air and sun-
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awarded to Dr Albrecht Kossel, professor of physiology-
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Epideinische Kinderldhmung. Bericht des Komitees fiir
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enlargement of the al^domen, Onset was sudden vomit-
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the letter R at the head of the written prescription
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body that, pathologically, it need be so. In a case
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to different locations at different times was a feature. Pulse
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Hospital Service for the week ending November 11, igio:
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ning temperature of the patient varied from 100° to 101°
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Praparates Dioxy-diamido-arsenobenzol. Milnchener medi-
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pierced by the knife. The inner field of the cystourcthroscope
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fever may exist in a very mild form in one and still
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below the incision, and moderate corrective pressure
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cell, but onlv a slight tolerance to the toxine it-
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frail basis for the elaboration of any edifice. Final-
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over the right side of chest and in the region of the heart.
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and finally in the possibility of an attack by microbes
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The Medical Society of the County of Erie, N. Y.—
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cation is present or not. These are simple hernioto-
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ter the operation, he is in robust health. This case is in-
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has rendered the book into good English. x-Xs a trans-
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ventional Ziehl method, it was no great task to con-
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the cells which composed the walls had a combed out ap-
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Dr. Francis T. Fest, of Las Vegas ; first vice-president. Dr.
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a drachm of fluid extract of viburnum in water, three times
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Figure 1. Illustrating triangular defect and undermining in one direction and dis-
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was exhausted. Several times the animals emitted this
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would readily suffice to establish the celebrity of her
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secretary, Dr. Edgar R. Hawley, of Chicago ; Executive
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l'"ichero. Deutsche Zeitschrift fiir Nervenheilkunde,
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was 4.019, as compared with a ten year average of 5.218
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The large tablets are supplied in bottles of 25, 100 and 1000, also in pounds.
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were frequent sites of disease, while gallstones were
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Dr. George Dow Scott, chairman, committee on ethics ;
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his friends, but the list still remains so long- that he has
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I believe that the old conservative view of laissez

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