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'* A piece of muslin one foot square, should be dipped in the same

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The only diagnosis to be made is from congenital dis-

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while the back was quite free from all post-mortem staining. The

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tional Board of Health, to consist of one delegate from

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Soard of Health. — President Cleveland, in his message to

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heart was exposed it was beating regularly, and did not present the engorged appearance of

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with large doses of serum have a short time after acquired diphtheria

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action on the diseased kidney. The finding of a definite increase in

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The conjugate sulphates, as would be expected, are increased in

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embedded in a fibrous mass. Fleiner found degenerative changes in the

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nities of culture as early as the time of Agorodike. Once there,

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are on the cutting edge of research. For example, I’m

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to a previously existing inflammation, leaving the tissue with a poor and

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"serous pneumonia." True lobar pneumonia is rare as a complication,

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of urea and the diuresis. Nevertheless, the factor did not remain

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tion ; Temporary Relief by an Artificial Anus; Later Re-estab-

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Where there is much pus — alum, mineral acids, tincture of

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cal Society, May 31, 1865, by Benjamin E. Cottino, M.D.

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5. For Daniel's Battery : For the porous tube containing

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Ann. des malad. de Voreille et du larynx, 1894, p. 842.

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If in a diabetic patient we can trace any local condition upon

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On the second day of his hospitalization the petechiae

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regularly as the Friday came. She was in bed all da)'

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shock were reduced, virulent staphylococci were intro-

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tems and for autopsies from S 15 to $30. Drs. Wooley and

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J, There is an exaltation of life processes at the pubertal

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theatre sister carried out the sterilisation work in connection

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