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The general belief is that it is always secondary, and there is no doubt

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of his duties. He was considered a sober man, but was in the

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ing female practitioners, the number of German female

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in the urine. The quantitative analysis of the urine by either Liebig's or

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cerebral veins hypereemic, and there were two extravasations, each the

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of that disease only, and against no other, as well as the results of

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soluble in pepsin represents metabolic products, we have the following

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Rhumatismus," Ztschr. f. Krankcnpfl. Berlin, 1898, xx. 334, 347.— 112. "Tallermann's

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the upper lid began to swell and the eye to protrude,

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The fluid in the peritoneal cavity between the rectum

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corroborate it. They show, moreover, that, irrespec-

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on but one. The findings of the uric acid injection experiments are

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splenomegaly. Antihypertensive effects may be enhanced in

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teaching regarding the management of abortion may not

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covered by shreds of fibrous tissue. The acetabulum could

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period, and of 31 more spleens removed at operation, between December

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This fatigue may in a few moments progress to almost complete panUyus J

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tween the upper end of the line of ascent and of the lino of descent. The *:

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two stitches at each inferior angle. By the tinie that the flap

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constant current applied in a different manner to either

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so far as the use of the artificial light is concerned.

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the blood vessels and that the first changes noted are

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operation, when the centigrade thermometer showed 40 deg. (104° Fahr.). The

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from remittent lever, and no one, s<> far as I am aware, has ever pretended

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Established in 1834 under title of: Edinburgh Eye In-

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clinical material there is no lack. In answer to my question,

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are on record, which have been performed painlessly under the

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ease he had under his charge on that occasion, after reading Dr. Irvine's

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the causes which produce them are often elementary; but this does

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bronchial tubes, and, extending downward, enters the various

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upon since 1879 by the board's medical inspectors or com-

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