Hypnos Thanatos Sarpedon
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and Peppard — retiring president. Dr. Lepak, president

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correct, and I cannot explain the nature or cause of

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ment, the malady is of longer duration and greater severity than

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not mistaken) of all tuberculosis is of bovine origin. Now, gentle-

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of instances, to satisfactorily curette the uterus, to say

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vibrating opening into tin- tumour. In few aneurisms were these sounds

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areas in which the untamed vervet monkey dwelled. I had gone

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it nrast ahrsys be admitted that Dr. Abercrombie's contributions to the

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from its permanency. Writing two months later — a paper

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recommended in the case of the enlarged left ventricle,

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Formerly Dean and Professor of Physiology and Lecturer and Denn-

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day passes, unless the feet can be rested. The agony of this con-

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hypnos thanatos sarpedon

the type of teeth shown in Figs. 318 and 319 as pathognomonic of

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Cliin ate appears to exert an influence either for or against the development

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pathic Medicine, Kirksville, MO, 1988. Internship, Sun

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An Ectodermal Dysplasia Clinic at Arkansas Children’s

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the bath. Again, danger exists of vuginal infection, owing to the

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thalamus and the corpus striatum. In recent hemorrhages

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not only this general thickening of the aorta, but the

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from 18 cases — 17 per cent. ; F. Plehn, 39 cases — over 10 per cent. ;

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4. How do the movements of the large intestine differ

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erally regarded as quite widely distributed thruout the United States.

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appearance. Prof. Cohn, in common with many others, arranges all

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chemistry, that a theory of combustion was, for a long time,

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tised, in a large class of diseases, varying materially

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for the fat-content of the animal body. During complete

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gressive differentiation of the cells resulting from the ovum and

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be found in the stomach of the mosquito transformed

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in measurements of arms. Patient says this di9"erence in measurement of

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eroded, nor does it show any tendency to spread. All these charac-

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The treatment is removal of the diseased cord by torsion.

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to stand in a similar relation to the long head of the biceps

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