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lower articular surface of the humerus, and a crush of the upper arm below
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son, and ask for them the solace of our Father's love.
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not breathe without a ventilator, and that the cause of death was
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Board, after some importunity, to place four districts under the Medical
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number of their students, will not remedy this neglected
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tube, slowly, carefully, the patient's shoulders low, the buttocks
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"Philadelphia Medical Times" and "Medical Eegister." It is
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series of drawings brought together by Dr. Irwin Moore [1]. In these
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shadow, that is to say, sph. -5D leaves the corrected eye with ID of myopia, the
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house mixture of bark and iron, and an injection of 2.2 cc. solution of
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alternately, every half-hour, except at night, when the
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of milk was injected subcutaneously and thereafter at weekly
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credit establishments, primary instruction, and public
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and intermittent fevers by the use of water from streams
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cesses has been essentially advanced in the line referred to;
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cloth, and bottle. When required for use, neutralize it care-
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mission sent to Havana, in 1897 and 1898, under the auspices
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Lake, July 11. It was a joint meeting with the Green Lake- Waushara Society
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A variety of conditions has been believed to favor the disease. Indi-
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and its supporters must seek some other defence than results.
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16S, Collins-street E.^st, Melbourne, Dec. 26, 1S66.
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illustrations. Fifth American edition. Philadelphia : P. Blakis-
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is hardly to be hoped for. The treatment consists of palliative measures,
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the bowel. Under the third class he mentions the O'Hara for-
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ing a nail or peg into the other, that, by the force of whip
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2.J5 p. m. Temp. 99 ; pulse 64. Given: Morph., gr. \ strych.
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hypericum flowering season
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having reached its acme, the pain most usually subsides, or is not com-
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Luke's Hospital. .After three months the animals gave

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