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terrogated on the subject, and whose replies contain
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uncontaminated waters in some localities in greatly larger amount.^
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ration of the bronchi, deserves a place here ; it occurred in a patient
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variety gave equally good results. The prognosis in
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I had long remarked that there might be both acute pain and tenderness
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fibroid metamorphosis. The protoplasm alters in stainiug-properties,
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in this paper had recovered from a very serious and unusual
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plicable to cases of anteversion and anteflexion in which
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ored bottle without undergoing decomposition or in any
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force upon the consumer meat that is injurious or that is considerably
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so earefully studied, thouu;h we have so many valuable
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left improved. In the S arrested cases bacilli were pres-
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lowing day the same, with a large breakfast-cup of good strong broth
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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis of hysteria rests on the age, sex, the
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of this organ are found enlarged ; some, however, only
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lute, and should the fever break out here it will be idle to
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and internal In one instance the former was 101 "G^; the latter 102 •4°.
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On October 9 the pulse had risen to 100. Tongue clean.
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In retraction the muscle slu>rtens an«l becomes tense, but after losing its
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tating below the knee, the weight of testimony is decidedly
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came to my house, and told me the following curious history :
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possible, how the plague bacillus got from the marmot to the lungs of the
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tlien rejoining it, may be continuously propelled : or a delicate
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systole, and then the pulse would be of the ordinary bigeminal type; it is more probable that an early
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salicylates will relieve pain, and do so fairly rapidly, has been proven
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information and at what age should this be accomplished?
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its interfering with physical and mental development. The dark races
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albumin, uric acid, and hyaline casts in certain conditions than are
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cent.), but of these only four are staucd to have been carcinomatoue,
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while the bones of the hands, the feet, and the face are practically free.
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30. Holt, L. E. : Diseases of Infancy and Childhood, New York,
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considerably frightened, and when taken home was found
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the Gall-ducts ; Malignant Tumours in the Neck; Icterus. Mr. Car-

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