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the performance of such offices as may pertain to his

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He had about recovered, when his mother gave him some

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brain regions which ultimately inhibit pain input at the

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more or less definitely known. Their knowledge like-

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more dangerous than to let the patient absolutely alone

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Association at Carlisle, in 1896.' Though there has been a steady

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ago he was attacked similarly, and after five days'

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latter occasionally attended and took part in some special debate,

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consisted in drawing the foot into proper position by

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that give rise to acute colds in general, the entrance

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helping me achieve my goals in life. A special thank you is extended to my parents for

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Licence in Medicine shall be granted unless the petitioner

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explaining the occasional occurrence of consumption as the direct result

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of which were instances of diseased hip-joint, and one of tic

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began evaluating a latex agglutination test which, while not as

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Soc. dem6d.d'Anvers, 1896, Iviii, 89-93, 1 pi.— Hill (E.J.)

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By B. K. RACHFORD, M. D., Frof. Diseases of Children, Ohio Medical College, Cincinnati. 8vo.

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tions were made in a cave near the Rhine, in the South of

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perspiration from violent exertion, or in disease, has a very

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in at least all cases where the tissues of the heart and arter-

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clinical medicine, and not as an independent branch of medical

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does not amend during and after natural sleep ; (iv.) anaesthetics, unless

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6. The scorbutic, which depends on a scorbutic acri-

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cordial pain above described, which he liad in a hi'^h deforce,

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with which I shall venture to trouble you. But I wish to

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institutions where the treatment is gratuitous, and the

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(Fig. 278, c), pigment, and bits of destroyed lung tissue are seen microscopically.

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