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Note 26 of 18™. — " There appeared in Rio de Janeiro in the course

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ence of a single symptom, nor should any one condition be

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fulness in the hernial tracts, and the scars of abdominal operations which

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advantageous than the knowledge of their general forms; an exa-

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of actinomycosis. Were further proofs necessary we have Vincent's

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New York, 3.5 ; and in the dty of Brooklyn, 2.9. A fact

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ships completed his medical course. He received the

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Dr George W. Crile, in discussing the case, said that he con-

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a bullet in the peritoneal cavity. We had learned, however,

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be weakened rather than strengthened by modem research.

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character of the secretion, the presence of blood, bacilli, pus, etc., cannot

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states that the accident may happen, and did so in his own practice, when no

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Cockspur Island in Savannah River, about 15 miles below the city

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bellum to the sides and back of the lower part of the medulla, the subarachnoid

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cal and unique oases. We learn that the operation of

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of the body to which the soul was directly attached,

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no pain for a year and a half afterward. The urine was normal.

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If, then, there are certain forces tending to restrict the

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and then a bandage tied round the arm, so as to retard the flow of

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The ribs may kink at or near their angles, the fractures involving four or

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large extravasation involves loss of blood, and the substance of the brain

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tracting abdominal muscles. He maintained, further, that the

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tested and the reaction found absolutely specific for each. The

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900 physicians agreed to provide some level of services to

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of Quarantine. The duration of the incubation of each specific disease has

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therefore not surprised to find that in the midst of his many

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rigidity, paralysis, and idiocy subsequently witnessed."

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}y six folds of clothes. The body was quite warm (showing recent death),

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off, and the lips became red again, but the heavy, noisy, irregular breathing

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gestion, may be manifested in the form of a thick and tenacious, or—

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38 Donaldson on Bernard's Recent Discoveries. [July

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