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to the hut hospital and the three hospital trains, the

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letting in light on the conjoint examinations of the above.

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two marked examples. It is strange, however, that in neither of these

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The remaining affections of the lower genito-urinary tract, such as

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fever the infected patient may be the carrier of typhoid germs even

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the same relation to the cortex as the spinal muscles. The nuclei of

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Not infrequently the patients feel quite well, and continue in their

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which will sufl&ce to control the development of the disease wiD call

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comparative quiet, but sooner or later the old story is repeated, with

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masses of the Bacillus coU are so often the beginning. When calculi

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silver a drop of tropacocaine prevented the after-smarting

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In inflammations of mucous membranes the pain, if moderate in degree,

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I'pe-ii dent's adiiess. moved by Mr. J. S. TraxEtt, seconded

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Sir Dtce Duckworth said this matter had been very care-

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in good health. I mention this case particularly to enjoin that the

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lating to systematic practical instruction in medicine, sur-

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This is an action brought by the plaintiff to restrain the defendant

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have demonstrated to be found in the genesis of a blood poison in

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if his points of destination are far apart Two hundred pounds

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foxmd in the cells of the thyroid gland, and, instead, seems to be a

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salarv ; residence, board, and washing. Applications, with regi-

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i;^ y.>»':-. :v:,;u»i> i\,M;.:Kv.-. :r.:.^ :hc bronv"*hi. It is, however, totallv

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to do, namely, begin to cxiltivate self-control. This can be developed

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Powell, John J., M.R.C.S.Eng., L.S.A.Lond., L.R.C.P.Lond., appointed

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rhage and the discharge of some clots. I subsequently tried

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address to the members of Council soliciting re-election.

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employed on the new Dore and Chinley line, had forwarded a

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cheek, and it may extend, in debilitated children, to the eyelids above

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in patients who cannot properly be termed hysteric, but who are

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In 1891 Mr. Jowers was elected F.R.C.S.Eng. He wrote

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from these vessels into the tissues of the part. The dropsy from heart

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