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follows. It quite recently occurred at the Somersetshire Asylum,
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mysteries. The causo of the veneration may be traced to tho hallowing of the
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no fruit, He causes them to be hewn down like the barren fig-tree. — Matt. vii. 19;
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thalein tests, it has been said that such a test gives a fairly good
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tion of affairs. There is marked inability to produce rapid suc-
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work-worn to extend her hours of labor beyond 9 or 10 hours, and providing means
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Alloxin (al-oks'in). Any one of a class of basic substances derived
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do not recollect a caso of any of the above diseases where I have foiled of a cure,
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was evidently highly delirious. The injection was repeated May 1st,
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tion of lactic acid in their stomachs at that period. But it is
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Foumier introduced it to European notice with exaggerated
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care of whom you allow to obtain mesmeric control of you, will be your safeguard
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day has never been above 140 systolic and 90 diastolic. The
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later, however, the attack was renewed, the blood-pressure rose,
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increased so much that the disorganised globe was removed by
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gnawing pain." But the physician, not knowing the cause, could not remove the
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is slight fever from cold at this period, or blood from the lungs, and a spasm or a
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In the early part of last year we had, in St. George's Hospital, nnder the late Dr.
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stumer, which left Alexandria on August 7, arrived on the 12th,
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Tho causes of lung diseases are numerous. I will mention a few general causes,
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can be answered only by means of a sufficiently large series of
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on December 9th and 10th was 104P — 105°. Urine contained balls
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the former case, in this case starting with 0.05 c.c. of a 1 : 100,000,.
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operation for this purpose. How far it would fulfil its objects^
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Instead of such a program, he has been placed on the treatment
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<1, of an average age not exceeding thirteen years, and not long since placed
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consisting of connective tissue in excess, together with a
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for the banishment of these causes of so much unnecessary sickness and expense,
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type). The former type can be recognized in that accommoda-
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all outward causes that have a supposed tendency to bring on the first stages of the
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belts; and its mode of use is more easy, safe and efficacious. It surpasses all other
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ward their untiring industry with moderate wealth through the medium of good
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reached 9 pounds, 12 ounces. The atropin was stopped several
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highly interesting cases, recorded by Thore, and quoted from the ' Ann. Med.
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v- -, » s ECTI0N r 0F Tuberculous ^ rom * ms i as one reason > do I unhesitatingly
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and medulla oblongata. Yan-der-Kolk's observations on the
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tive — never noted for acts of heroism. The reason why is, that he cannot be elec-
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of the abscess was attended with no very good result^ and the

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