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recommend a new and neatly executed work on practical midwifery.

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sources of information do not furnish nearly all of an original kind which

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these remarks were commenced, to be argumentative, nor do we purpose

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of bis eyes were extremely dilated, and he fancied he saw inillioDS of

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death ; but this is not always the case. Cadaveric rigidity has been

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that only in the pelvic organs and lower limbs is duplicity evident (syn-

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It is Rufz's opinion, however, that " Pneumonia has no influence on

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Their operation is ordinarily transient ; but the frequent use of these

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few moments the system appears to make a renewed struggle to relieve

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and milk-white spots to be seen in the choroid, — a distinction which is of

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of lupus, but the resulting ulcer takes long to heal up.

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poisoning, that the tubers which caused the mischief were sprouting, or that

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the thyroid is operated upon very successfully, not only in cases of

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Nothing, indeed, morUd about it could be datad beyond the last sick*

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is usually given, but it may be advantageously replaced in many cases by

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mnstbeaddressed,pofft-pa(d. It ts also published in Monthly Partrt.each Part containing the weekly

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from a " febricula," an elevation of temperature for a few hours, on the

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