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to be an accidental production. These are nearly of the size of

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Treatment. — Excision is not to be advised, as in Stiffs and our

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regret that want of time prevents me at present from giving

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subjected to unaccustomed light; from all forms of mental emotion or

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also it was the largest that has come within my ob-

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Three insomnia patients selected for difficulty falling asleep were

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takes the visitor to the high bluffs of Stillwater, from

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pain sometimes being intense and extending upwards in the course of the

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Physiological Constants. Philadeli)hia: P. Blakiston, Son, & Co., 1889.

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time, devoted to observation and enquiry, and persevering and

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lowing day the same, with a large breakfast-cup of good strong broth

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although no particular form of organism is associated with it. in some

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Cockenon, Charles Eilwaid. Aberystwith Terrace, Islington

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verted the Assistant-Surgeon in question into Senior Surgeon

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Poise in croupous pneumonia in a favorable case. Child aged three and a half years.

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order to expose the cause of the trouble. To relieve the inflam-

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the lesser tuberosity, beginning at the incision in the capsule , and

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an India-rubber tube adjusted to the instrument. At the end of

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(Poudre Nutritive, or 'Tep-sine Aeide Amylact'e" of the French Codex)

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from the heart, until it returns again. The left auricle receives the

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But we go much further than this. We maintain that, upon

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in toothache from dental caiies, the application of cotton-

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resort to it must not be made in slight attacks, nor unless the case is

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the pavilion who, with their large experience of children affected with croup,

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Dr. Blacker thought that the main interest of the specimen lay in the

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of the perversion. He expressed the opinion that the

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Fig. 6. Influence of mercuric chloride on Wright's index. 15, 30- and 60-

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families. I cannot give any statistics to prove or disprove this state-

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1'i liricula or an abortive or arrested typhoid or typhus fever.

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