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holds its own as a curative measure and as a pallia-
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epidemic influenza, and due either to the influenzal
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both considerable and uniform, and fretting of ihe scrotum avoided."- — See British,
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before us, we shall not fear to assume that privilege which we
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A differentiation was often difficult in the patients,
coccus catarrhalis, as both are gram negative diplo-
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tains globules of a smaller size, unconnected with the filaments,
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frontal region, and asked to have the bandage loosened a little,
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by itself as a monogiaph, which lor plain reasoning and elabo-
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led into error, I shall be glad to acknowledge the mistake. But
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the coal deposits had become exhausted, and similar
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associated with, or produced by infectious diseases,
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observation, this affection comes on at a late period of a mercurial
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fection — we should see nature cause the sick to be
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upon them by legislative laxity, all the higher range of profes-
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ing the war. The discoveries of the origin of trench
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of meningitis the physician should resort to spinal
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of the doctrine was Juergensen, author of the article on pneu-
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with a nurse in attendance, and became exhilarated,
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withdrawn by the navel-string happening to be twisted around
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surgery as a specialty had fully justified itself and
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15, 1919) say tliat attention has recently been di-
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last days of July, I could not discover any semen ; and the few drops
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those, who have conferred the greatest benefits on science by
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" Recalling his action and manner in the past, and connecting
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* I make these remarks generally, in order that we may avoid, as much as
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P. 475, No. 674. Was thirty-six hours in labour with her first child ; de-
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Huntington, H. K., New Rochelle. "Wells, "William L., New Eochelle.
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ing a living child into the world with the least pos-
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■ a level above that at which such a sound was nor-
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thicker than the ordinary hypodermic needle, as this
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to equal their responsibilities, and necessarily higher
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lar priest. Not long after this change he began the
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to the extent of an inch from the soft parts, the ligaments cut
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temporarily convert a positive into a negative reac-
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very sluggishly — deterioration, prematurely ; from
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localized in the upper portion of the body, did not
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is fincar legal in the us
cluding fats from the diet, we cannot disregard this

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