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remembered, however, that a like dissimilarity exists with regard to the

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and a secondary change follows in the walls of the bladder.

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chymatoTis and the interstitial. Whatever may be the cause of multiple neu-

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Interdisciplinary Gynecologic Cancer Conference, Fridays, 12:30 p.m., UAMS Education Building, Room G106 A&B

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on a limited water ration of half a gallon per man per day.

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ments proposed. " The instruments used by Dr. Gouley, con-

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As Ariiozan has very well said," to feel pain spontaneously and to

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first glance a striking one, but a careful examination will

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1887 g. — Acariases multiples sur un furet. [Read 7 juin] <Ibidem, pp. 244-246.

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that there might be some disease at the head of the pancreas ; but after

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nign senescence. The hypoactive, lethargic form of de-

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the deceased in the ice-box, and that this caused the in-

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Stuttg., 1891, xxix, 20-25. Also, transl.: Rev. gen. d'opht.,

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nized variety of colic, known as the " iliac passion."

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was rather below the average in point of intellect, but he did not al all

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1808 Cobb, Ernest Herbert, 5, Cornwall Terrace, Regent's Park, N.VV.

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IQ. Kelly PJ: Infected nonunion of the femur and tibia. Orthop Clin North Am

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imported. There is no evidence of the importation in this way of remit-

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description of each group as a distinct form of disease ; that transition

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Course of motor and sensory paths in the spinal cord, after Brotvn-Sequard.-

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June 8, it is placed beyond doubt that the editor of that

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disease, a campaign in which the eugenist should be all the more

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not been visited for ages, human bones j the stone-pits, to whom he made known his

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they tend to increase the strain which is already causing the heart to fail.

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of the animal resulted. After tlie transfusion of this enormous amount of

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imi^' i-.il .ipplii , III, .11 111 >,il,,iii);.i

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Dr. S. W. Gross. — Do you mean sarcoma as defined

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looked like a hurricane, and felt a vibration in the calf of his left leg.

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over 90 per cent, of all cases they remained The spectre of danger from the devel-

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hemorrhage ; it may be the sequel of primary capillary hemorrhages, and of

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head. Whoever has cared to inquire into, and in suit-

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establislied, the condition of the blood is as follows: haemoglobin decreased

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Kocher's operation for removal of the whole tongue,

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leeches, fomentations, poultices, and in some cases cold 'applications, are

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autions: Do periodic serum electrolyte determinations (par-

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ally enlarged. For the purpose of keeping the bladder empty, the catheter was

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and neurotic diseases of the tract which has obscured

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upper lip may be perfectly formed but the palate cleft. The union of

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now. He had learned from Dr. Clay the valuable prac-

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The thirst of health may be the consequence of any c«)ndltion calcu-

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carin, 's gr.; Aloin. 1 s gr.; Podophyllum 1-12 gr.

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ments, and thus they may produce a large number of new

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and the function of the two professions are different, and no one

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wards found that he had been subject for the last two years to attacks, of which

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private apprehensions. Sobriety, one of the first of Christian virtues, is

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