Erythromycin Eye Ointment Use In Dogs
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Hart (Chairman of the Parliamentary Bills Committee), Dr.

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Dresden Conference, France will shortly send invitations to

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Amongst much that no British surgeon, we believe, would

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Dr. BoYCK, in replying, noticed that, as in Dr. Hewlett's

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matter to conduct examinations in this branch of art when,

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services are utilised in transports ; so that their services

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hydatids could be discovered. The child recovered and left

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L.R.C.S.Edin,, andL.F.P.S.Glasg., all of which he obtained

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piridin,^ kept at hand in a watch glass; it may presently be pushed be-

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equal to 14,1 per 1 ,000. In London the rate of infant mortality did not

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has accepted the principle that reconstruction is necessary,

erythromycin eye ointment use in dogs

epidemic liere a few years ago I revaccinated myself, my wife,

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Dr. Broadbent, after testifying to the value of the paper,

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sanity " in the absence of any evidence of insanity. Both

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in males it is sufliciently common, especially in the edu-

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passages, on the blood vessels, or on the lung tissue, or the

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dressing rooms and waterclosets worse suited for the pur-

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people. That is the estimate of statisticians who have no

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bers of the medical profession had been actively working for

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for India, would doubtless be found to increase, whilst the

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the older literaturn, as the whole question has been reworked

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understanding without the consent of the India Office, whicli

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Society. Royal Svo, pp. 458.)— This contains some thirty-one

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preferred) for a child, "female," aged 12 years, suflering from hystero-

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distinct. Thirdly, in case of fibro-myoma of the uterus,

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studies the relations of the sexes from zoophytes and mol-

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King's Coliece and private ; H. S. Crapper, private ; E. E. Crowther,

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practitioner of Berlin, and one of the founders of the Ob-

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with the income of the applicant that the true object of

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Revenue or Profit and Loss Account for Year ending December Z\st, 1892.

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death the facts were taken down on a schedule. If no medical

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well formed: the percussion note anteriorly was clear throughout;

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Brigade-Surgeon Staples said that was practically so.

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that he did not intend to convey that it was possible for the germs of

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wave, caused great devastation upon the Peruvian coasts, and amongst

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his inguinal canal. It was round and hard, and about the size of the

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Turner, Leicester; Sir George Trevelyau, London; Mr. J. M. Taylor,

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cases, when the time corresponding to the first menstrual

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pectoriloquy remained, the accompaniments had entirely

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