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tive callus. Within the medullary cavity the endosteal callus is
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Should there be an impediment to its escape it accumulates in the pelvis,
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Fatty Metamorjjhosis, or true fatty degeneration, may occur at circum-
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J Out of forty-seven French epidemics, Hirsch attributes forty-six to the military population.
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ribs increases the pain. Elevation of temperature, increase in the pulse-
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cervical vertebrae. It forms a soft, fluctuating mass in the back part
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nodules on the surface of the peritoneum, or there may be a gran-
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phus fever the ulcers are deeper, involving more extensively the submucous
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amination, it is not possible to confound an empyema with any other
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mences with a chill, distinct and severe. In a few instances a series of
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mucus in the bronchial tubes ; in such cases, the normal resonance is dimin-
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extremities is marl^edly imperfect, as shown upon the slightest exertion.
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one class as compared with the other. The less the resistance capable of
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tant. The sputa of cancer and of echinococci of the lung maybe similar to
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and not in tyi)hus fever. In typhus fever convalescence will usually be
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of the whole hepatic structure, where the inflammatory changes are so
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often undetermined. The most important constant sign of endocarditis is
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merly employed, but their use has now been almost entirely abandoned.
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is to reduce the dislocation and to keep the foot quiet, to give it rest
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there is puffiness behind the malleoli and underneath the extensor ten-
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Great diminution in the quantity of urine is an unfavorable symptom, as
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orates the general symptoms. Few, however, have the requisite skill and
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are painless, while complete extension of the arm canses great
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During the slow progress of a chronic case of cardiac dilatation, a great
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divisions of the temporal artery, or branches of the occipital artery.
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Auscultation. — The sounds of a dilated heart are short, abrupt, and fee-.
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its advent. In angina pectoris there are no sibilant and sonorous rales.
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boiled water, as is required. It may be used in suppuration of the middle
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plan of treatment, and with the respiration at twelve per minute the patient
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are also said to be some poisonous lizards. The exact nature of the
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jority of cases, complete cicatrization of the ulcers does not occur. The

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